"Gustav conveys the topic of New Work in a playful and creative way".

Modern workplaces and a strong sense of belonging: at the Austrian pharmaceutical company AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals GmbH ("AOP Health"), it is important to work with advanced tools in the office. Gustav not only helps with transporting the work equipment, but also contributes to communicating the topic of New Work in a playful and creative way, explains Sabine Pitterle, Group Lead Car Fleet & Office Management AOP Health.

How do you currently use the office as a physical workspace?

We were already on the way to a flexible, digital way of working before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the phase in which we could only very rarely meet physically is over. In the meantime, we have also moved to a new, modern office where almost all of our employees in Vienna are on one floor.


What does that actually look like in everyday work?

Our colleagues share their space according to a desk sharing model. Our IT department has been focusing on flexibility in the area of digitalisation since long before the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Gustav will be used even more in the future. While it is currently more of a means of transport for personal items and work utensils for our employees, it will possibly be used more as a laptop stand and thus gain a completely new meaning.

 AOP Orphan Office in Wien


How did you manage the transition to the new working model?

When furnishing the new office, we wanted to make sure that all workstations are equipped to a high standard, so that it is a pleasure to come into the office and work with the tools. Gustav also supported us enormously with the switch to desk sharing. It helped to communicate the topic in a playful and creative way and has a certain goodie character that the employees really appreciate.


What were your motives for using Gustav as a toolbox?

The key factor was its sustainability and longevity. Especially in a modern office, work takes place not only at the desk, but also in the social area, where you can exchange ideas with others, the lounge, where you can sit on a comfortable sofa, or a telephone box, where you can withdraw for phone calls. If I have the opportunity to present myself at a proper angle with the Gustav's laptop stand during video conferences and can thus talk to my counterpart at eye level, a completely different conversation develops.


A look into the future: Where is the journey towards flexible working going in your company?

In the long term, we will continue to make our workplace more flexible, also with regard to location-independent working. If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown one thing, it's that it doesn't matter where I sit and do my work. Whether at my desk, in the cosy office lounge or maybe even on one of our terraces with a view, position and location don't matter. Tools like Gustav support this - and allow me to easily and flexibly set up my workplace anywhere and at any time.


Sabine Pitterle is the Group Head Office Management, AOP Health.

The AOP Health Group is the European pioneer in integrated therapies for rare diseases and in intensive care medicine.





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