What's the right size? Gustav Original or Gustav XL size explained

What's the right size? Gustav Original or Gustav XL size explained

The Gustav Original and Gustav Original XL are both award-winning portable desk organizers that double as laptop stands, designed with home offices and desk-sharing needs in mind. However, there are some key differences between the two models that may influence your choice depending on your specific needs.

  1. Size and Laptop Accommodation:

    • Gustav Original: It is designed to fit laptop sizes up to 15 inches. The dimensions of the Gustav Original are (L)410 x (W)190 x (H)164mm, with internal compartments measuring (L)396 x (W)80 x (H)135mm​​.
    • Gustav Original XL: This model is larger, making it suitable for accommodating larger keyboards and 17-inch laptops. The dimensions are (L) 476 x (W) 200 x (H) 174mm, with an internal length of 462mm​​.
  2. Weight:

    • Gustav Original: It weighs only 1.2kg, making it quite lightweight and easy to move around​​.
    • Gustav Original XL: Despite its larger size, it is also lightweight at 1.5kg, due to its combination of oak formwood and aluminum​​.
  3. Materials and Craftsmanship:

    • Both models are expertly crafted in the EU by a family business and are made from high-quality materials, including oak formwood, aluminum, and recycled PET felt.
  4. Package Contents:

    • Both models include a recycled PET felt pencil holder, a recycled PET felt organizing panel, and a business card holder​​.



Laptop Size

In choosing between the Gustav Original and Gustav Original XL, consider the size of your laptop and your workspace needs. If you have a larger laptop (up to 17 inches) or need more space for a larger keyboard, the Gustav Original XL would be the choice. However, if you have a smaller laptop (up to 15 inches) and prefer a more compact organizer, the Gustav Original would be more suitable. Both models offer the flexibility, durability, and sleek design necessary for a modern home office or flexible workspace.

Laptop Ports Access

When comparing the Gustav Original and Gustav Original XL desk organizers, an important consideration for those using 15-inch laptops is the accessibility of ports. The Gustav Original supports laptops up to 15 inches but some 15-inch laptop models may experience slightly restricted port access on the side when using the laptop stand​. This could impact the use of HDMI ports or other connections.

Therefore, if unrestricted access to ports is crucial for your 15-inch laptop, the Gustav Original XL might be a better choice. It is designed to accommodate larger laptops, including 17-inch models, suggesting more generous spacing that could potentially avoid the issue of restricted port access. Additionally, the XL version is only slightly heavier (1.5kg) than the original (1.2kg), while offering more space and the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship​.