Facility Manager's Guide to Desk Sharing

Facility Manager's Guide to Desk Sharing

Is Your Business Desk Sharing Ready?

The Facility Manager's Insider Checklist


1. Space Efficiency Analysis: Have you meticulously evaluated your floor plan to maximize every square foot? In the realm of desk sharing, it’s not just about fitting in as many workspaces as possible but creating a layout that promotes both individual focus and collaborative opportunities. A smartly utilized space can foster a dynamic atmosphere where productivity and engagement coexist.

2. Tech Infrastructure Audit: Desk sharing brings unique demands on your IT infrastructure. Assess whether your systems are primed for a seamless transition, including robust Wi-Fi that can handle increased mobility, sufficient electrical outlets for a high volume of devices, and IT support systems that can adapt to a more dynamic work environment.

3. Furniture Flexibility: Survey your current office furnishings to confirm they meet ergonomic standards. Chairs and desks that accommodate various postures and working styles are essential, as they will be used by different individuals throughout the week. Comfort in a shared environment not only supports physical health but also enhances overall job satisfaction.



4. Sanitation Strategy: In a post-pandemic world, hygiene is more than a convenience—it's a necessity. Establish and communicate a rigorous cleaning protocol to ensure that shared desks do not become vectors for disease. This includes regular disinfection of workspaces and easy access to cleaning supplies for staff. Make sure every staff member has their own mobile keyboard and mobile storage solution like a bag or carry to transport it easily to each desk.

5. Storage Solution Inspection: Evaluate your storage facilities to ensure they are sufficient and accessible for a workforce that no longer has dedicated desks. Mobile storage solutions allow for quick transitions and reduce clutter, which in turn helps to maintain a tidy and organized environment. This can involve mobile desk organizers and caddies, as well as office bags dedicated for desk sharing. Those elements would be parked in a locker at the end of the day.



6. Noise Control Measures: Acoustic considerations are paramount in an open and fluid workspace. Investigate solutions like sound-absorbing panels, white noise machines, or designated quiet zones to mitigate noise pollution. Well-managed acoustics can significantly enhance concentration and comfort in a shared setting.

7. Booking System Efficiency: Implementing an intuitive and reliable desk booking system is essential for a frictionless desk sharing experience. It should be easily accessible, provide real-time updates, and allow users to reserve spaces that suit their work needs. A well-functioning system is key to user adoption and operational success.

8. Signage and Guidance: Clear, visible signage and guidelines are instrumental in helping staff adapt to a new office layout. Ensure that navigation is straightforward and that all shared resources are clearly marked to avoid confusion and save time.

9. Emergency Preparedness: With desk sharing, your emergency response plans must be updated to reflect the fluid nature of workspace occupancy. Regular drills and clear communication will ensure that all staff are prepared and can respond appropriately in any situation. 

10. Community Building Initiatives: Desk sharing should not lead to a loss of community within the workplace. Plan initiatives that foster team spirit and camaraderie, even when the physical space is in constant flux. Social bonds are integral to a thriving workplace culture and can make the difference between a team that merely coexists and one that collaborates enthusiastically.


As a Facility Manager, your foresight and leadership are critical in guiding your business through the transition to a desk sharing model. It's a strategic balancing act of managing spaces, technology, and people to create an adaptable, efficient, and positive work environment. Are you prepared to be at the forefront of this transformation?

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