Mobile Desk Organizers in Desk Sharing

Mobile Desk Organizers in Desk Sharing


Shared desk are becoming increasingly popular in corporate office design. More and more people are working at home, at least for parts of the week. Which means, that businesses need to rethink the concept and use of their office, and are looking to maximize the value for their employees.

With an increased sharing of space and desks, people have the common dilemma of constantly moving around the office. Whilst this can be an advantage as the office and its spaces can be used in new ways, the key issue is: where do I leave my work utensils?


Mobility is key

Mobile solutions are a need: whilst backpacks and laptop bags can store your utensils, packing and unpacking them on a regular basis can be frustrating. Many office workers also report the feeling of not belonging, or a loss of sense of ownership of a space. As ‘territorial beings’ this is a common problem that hasn’t been catered for with office furniture, nor bags.

All of these considerations were accounted for when designing Gustav. A mobile organizer that can be personalised by each person to make any space their space. A lightweight version of an desk organizer, that can be placed on a desk for easy access to all work utensils – yet still can be packed up in a matter of seconds.


Laptop ergonomics and health

Hybrid work styles  - home office and desk sharing – also face another problem: Ergonomics. Working on a laptop alone can be fine for a short time, but today, the use of laptop in home offices as part of a hybrid work concept can be a burden on the person’s health. Working in the right position will not only avoid problems with back and neck, it will improve productivity, focus and wellbeing.

Having included a laptop stand in Gustav Desk Organizer was a early design decision which ultimately made it a global success. The first of its kind -  a mobile laptop stand and organizer – is the best tool to cater to the needs for agile office workers, remote workers and desk sharing.

 Every brand is different, and so is every office. As new ways of working are introduced all over the world, companies need to make sure their employee’s needs are at the centre of the decision. The right tools are a must to ensure a successful transition and happy people. Investing in the right furniture and accessories, companies should look in to a range that is especially designed for this purpose of desk sharing and caters to their employee’s needs.