Best laptop stands for your home office

Best laptop stands for your home office

Table of contents         

  1. laptop stand: That's why the purchase makes sense
  2. these advantages offer flexible laptop stands
  3. what to look for when buying?
  4. 7 best laptop stands
  5. conclusion: why a laptop stand for home is worthwhile 


Tension, neck pain and headaches are anything but foreign to you? Then it's worth taking a closer look at your workspace. Because you can get rid of such inconveniences quite easily: with a laptop stand. Find out which models are the best here.

Laptop stand: That's why the purchase makes sense

Everyone knows the problem: sitting at the computer for hours leads sooner or later to painful tension. No wonder, you look down constantly on the screen. What many do not know: With a laptop stand, you can position your laptop so that the upper part of the screen is at eye level. Immediately, you sit up straighter, your neck and shoulder area can relax, and headaches are reduced. As you can see: It's child's play to set up your workstation correctly.


So much for the ergonomic benefits, but there's more: Zoom meetings have become the norm - I'm sure we all want to look our best. A laptop stand makes the angle of zooming look more natural. And last but not least, laptop stands have a cooling effect on the devices, which leads to increased performance. As you can see: A laptop stand has a lot of advantages. The only drawback: which laptop stand should you choose?


Flexible laptop stands offer these advantages

Sometimes you work in the office, sometimes in the home office, sometimes in the café next door - wouldn't it be nice if you could always have your laptop stand with you, so that you can work anywhere in a concentrated and relaxed manner? Flexible laptop stands are easy and practical to use. Thanks to modern materials, they are easy to transport and convince with a low weight, but are just as effective in use as laptop stands that are designed to stand fixed at a desk.


What to look for when buying?

Before you decide on a laptop stand, you should ask yourself what requirements you have of it. Is a low weight, easy handling, height adjustability or a chic design particularly important to you? Or are you rather concerned about the materials used?


With all considerations, you should always pay attention to the following things:

  • a non-slip surface on which the laptop can stand securely,
  • non-slip rubber feet for a secure stand,
  • the amount of space the laptop stand can occupy at your desk
  • As well as on choosing the size that suits your laptop.


The 7 best laptop stands

Decided to get yourself a laptop stand? Great, your neck will thank you. But now you are spoiled for choice, because the range of laptop stands has grown continuously in recent years. This is one indication of how effective laptop stands are and how many people are already using them to make their workday easier. To give you an overview of existing models, we have compiled the seven best laptop stands for your home office. 


Gustav: Productivity at eye level - in the office and on the road

The Gustav laptop stand convinces all along the line. Because it is not only a laptop stand, but also a multifunctional desk organizer. No environmentally harmful but recycled materials are used. That's how easy it is to make your home office sustainable. By the way, this model is made by hand in Greece. Now you'd almost be tempted to dream of your next vacation if Gustav didn't make working so comfortable. Thanks to a pen holder and a business card holder, you're always ready to network, no matter where you're working. At the same time, the classic version of Gustav weighs only 1.3 kg and is suitable for 13'' and 15'' laptops. 


 BoYata laptop stand

You like it simple? Then maybe the BoYata laptop stand is just right for you. It weighs a little over a kilogram, comes in three separate parts and is easy to put together. Rubber pads ensure a good stand. This model is suitable for laptops from 10 to 15.9''.


Nulaxy C3 laptop stand

Fans of clean lines will certainly enjoy the Nulaxy C3 laptop stand. Made of aluminum, it convinces with a simple but effective design. Non-slip feet ensure a good stand and the design causes increased cooling of the laptop.


Nexstand K2 laptop stand

Everyone has different needs at work. That's why the Nexstand K2 laptop stand is height adjustable. You can choose between eight different heights. This model is especially recommended if you use several laptops of different sizes. At the same time, this model is suitable for laptops between 10 and 17'' and is a real lightweight thanks to 234 grams. A downer for some may be the material used, as the Nexstand K2 is made of nylon.


HUANUO monitor mount

The HUANUO monitor mount is something for tinkerers, as you can customize this notebook stand to suit your needs. It is height adjustable thanks to two joints, swivels and is also suitable for two monitors. The laptop stand is mounted with a C-clamp or a grommet mounting kit. Installation is simple and quickly done in about ten minutes, so you can use this model on the go if needed, though it's more suitable if you spend most of your time at home working at the kitchen table.


Babacom laptop stand

Foldable laptop stands are especially space-saving and handy to use. How about the Babacom laptop stand? It is suitable for devices from 10 to 15.6'', is height-adjustable and made of aluminum. Due to the low weight of 362 grams, it is particularly handy and thus a faithful companion even on the go.


Nulaxy aluminum laptop stand

The Nulaxy aluminum laptop stand is also foldable. As the name suggests, the model is made of aluminum and is designed for devices from 10 to 16''. It is not only foldable, but also adjustable in height and angle. Thanks to non-slip silicone pads, the laptop is securely fixed. A low weight of about 360 grams makes this model more than suitable for transport.


Conclusion: That's why a laptop stand is worthwhile

Modern laptop stands are easy to use, affordable to buy and bring a wealth of advantages. By elevating the position of the laptop, you automatically adopt a better sitting posture and thus reduce tension and headaches, which makes it easier for you to work and makes you more productive. In addition, your device will be protected from overheating. All you have to do now is decide on the laptop stand that is best for you.


By the way: you can now have the Gustav conveniently delivered to your home from our online store - shipping is free throughout Europe and the USA.