Best Tools for Desk Sharing

Desk Sharing with Gustav

The era of hybrid work has arrived. The growing popularity of new work models enabled employees to have the flexibility to work anywhere: they alternate between remote work and working from shared office spaces. Desk sharing is the model of choice for the offices in a hybrid work world, where people move freely in the entire office and work from anywhere.

These new concepts can be a win-win scenario, as the approach offers a greater flexibility for the employee, and organizational adaptability, as well as an improved office footprint for the business.

However, hybrid work models and desk sharing office are far from a guarantee for success. Organizations need to not only change their office setting, but also invest in tools and solutions to help the team to organize.

In this article, we will explore a range of tools and the right office fit-out that can helps them become successful with a desk sharing concept.


1. Managing Workspaces: Deskbird

With the new mobility in the office and at home, people need to organize themselves as a team in an effortless way. Various software solutions tackle this problem. Deskbird takes centre stage as a software solution that streamlines workspace management. This user-friendly platform enables employees to effortlessly book shared desks, reserve meeting rooms, or even secure parking spaces with just a few clicks. By offering a seamless and intuitive interface, Deskbird ensures that employees can transition smoothly between remote work and office-based collaborations. Additionally, the platform empowers office managers with valuable data to optimize office utilization and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Desk BirdImage: Desk Bird - Book A Demo 


2. Stay Mobile and Improve Ergonomics: Gustav Desk Organizer and Laptop Stand

To ensure employees' well-being and productivity, it's crucial to provide ergonomic workstations, even when desk sharing. Gustav Desk Organizer and Laptop Stand offers a versatile solution. This portable organizer and laptop stand can be easily moved to any location in the office. The desk set up takes no more than 15 seconds, enabling people to turn any space in their office desk. This also helps when implementing a clean desk policy. The screen can be adjusted to the preferred angle, promoting proper posture and reducing strain during extended work sessions. Gustav is often used with a second screen enabling both screens to be positioned ergonomically correct. With built-in compartments for office supplies, this organizer keeps essentials within reach, enhancing productivity and organization anywhere the employee chooses to work. Buy a Sample in the Shop or request a quote for customized solutions. 

 Desk sharing with Gustav Organizer and Laptop Stand

Image: Gustav Original


3. Enhancing Collaboration: Portable Whiteboards

Collaboration is essential in any shared workspace, and portable whiteboards can be invaluable for brainstorming and group discussions. Some lightweight and compact boards allow employees to ideate and visualize concepts without being tied to a fixed meeting room. With easily erasable surfaces, they promote dynamic and interactive teamwork. Alternatively, Inwerk’s Agile Whiteboard is also an acoustic panel that allows you to reduce noise and set up a creative zone flexibly in your office. 


 Image: Inwerk

4. Noise: Acoustic Phone Booths

Talking about noise: top of the general noise created in an office space comes the additional interruption of people’s mobiles. People like to stay connected and so it is unlikely they will switch their phones off out of courtesy to their co-workers. Stepping outside to take a call from a friend or family member is also not very appealing in the winter months. Acoustic Phone Booths like Mute Labs are soundproof phone and meeting booths for undisturbed phone calls, meetings and more focus at work.


Photo: Mute Labs


5. Time to Get Creative - Break Out Zones 

To fully use the new work environment to its strength, a break out zone is fundamental. Desk sharing allows people to use every space flexibly and according to their activity – hence also called “Activity-based-working”. To do so, a non-traditional environment is essential that brings people together, stimulating creativity and provoking conversations. How these spaces are fit out is highly flexible, depending on your work style, office set up and also work culture. Some office like to use the classic bean bags for relaxed seating like Yogibo. Others prefer to add an element of movement, which can be offered with BuzziBalance by Buzzi Space. Another example of a sustainable version of moving stool is the new Mowo Achter Hocker including moves that wake you up or loosen the back muscles. 

Achter Hocker Mowo

Image: BuzziSpace, Mowo

Conclusion: Desk Sharing - An Opportunity When You Have The Right Tools

Desk sharing presents a unique opportunity to embrace flexibility, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness in their work models. To ensure the success of this approach, investing in the right tools and furniture that caters to these new needs is crucial.

Software solutions like Deskbird simplify workspace management. Together with the right office furniture, the space can be defined and used in a more versatile and creative way. And, with Gustav, your new friend in the office, will allow people to take their work belongings with them, working ergonomically correct and make any space their space.

By adopting these innovative tools, organizations can create a conducive environment for productivity, creativity, and seamless collaboration in the evolving world of hybrid work.