Timea Freiwald, Asfinag

"Gustav convinced us with its quality and sustainability".

A new workplace every day: ASFINAG relies on desk sharing and sustainable materials to make flexible workplace design as easy as possible, Timea Freiwald, Head of Facility Management, tells Gustav.


Ms Freiwald, how important is the office as a physical place to work in your company at the moment? 

Timea Freiwald: A lot has happened in the last few years in terms of flexible working. We moved into a new office building, and in the course of this, we switched to desk sharing: With a few exceptions, there are no longer any fixed workplaces. Each employee looks for their workstation on a daily basis in their team zone on the floor. With this new concept, the question naturally arose as to where to store one's personal and work utensils. Together with our consultants, we looked for toolboxes in the context of locker solutions that would make this possible.

And we found Gustav.

Gustav is one of three toolboxes we have in use: They all make it possible to transport personal items and, in some cases, take them home. Many of our employees have chosen the Gustav because it also serves as a laptop stand, so you have a third monitor at your desk.


Why did you choose Gustav?

We were particularly impressed by Gustav's quality and sustainable finish with wooden elements. The design was also convincing; you don't have to change anything and can use Gustav as it is in everyday working life.


What are your experiences with Gustav so far?

Gustav has helped us to introduce and implement the desk-sharing model successfully. It was clear to us that you have to invest a little in the beginning to make working routes as simple and flexible as possible so that employees don't lose time when they have to set up their workstations anew every day. With Gustav, they have everything they need for this right at their fingertips.


INFO: The Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft (ASFINAG) is an Austrian infrastructure company that plans, finances, builds, maintains and operates almost 2,249 kilometres of motorways and motorways throughout the country.



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