"Gustav inspired us right from the start"

From 1500 to 900 workstations - and Gustav as a tool that made the transition to flexible working enormously easier. Matthias Krumpel, Team Leader Facility Management at telecom provider Drei has experienced how the modern toolbox inspires employees and contributes significantly to making life in the office easier.


How do you currently use the office as a physical workspace, Mr Krumpel?

For us, an office is a place where people should feel comfortable. During the pandemic, we switched to mobile working and are now increasingly using this option. Nevertheless, our employees like to go to the office: for personal exchange and social interaction and cohesion, a physical meeting place is simply essential. 


How does that work exactly?

We rely on a desk-sharing model, where each department has its home base with desks for exclusive use. In total, we have reduced from 1500 to 900 desks. To make the changeover easier for employees and to store personal belongings, we initially considered providing each employee with their own mobile container. But that would take up an enormous amount of space, so we looked for a tool people could use to store and transport laptops, keyboards and other things. 


And found Gustav?

Right. Gustav impressed us from the start - all other alternatives either didn't have the appropriate functionality or were simply not appealing in terms of design. In the meantime, each of our employees has his or her own locker with Gustav. There are a total of 1600 of them, which can also be passed on within the company. Our staff has enormously well received Gustav: Out of 1600 employees, there are three who don't use it (laughs). Personally, I use Gustav as an additional monitor stand because it is a comfortable height for it. 


What other advantages does Gustav offer, keyword flexible working?

Especially in times when it is becoming more and more difficult to find employees, it is important to offer flexibility and a pleasant environment to work in. With Gustav, we have a practical tool at hand that makes life in the office easier: you come into the office and don't have to sort or put anything away, but simply grab the Gustav and sit down at a free spot - whether at your desk or in one of the cosier corners like our garden, the canteen or the lounge.


Where is the journey going in your office - and what role will Gustav play in it?

Especially for informal exchange, it is important to create zones and open spaces where people feel comfortable but still have their documents quickly at hand if need be. This is what Gustav allows us to do: because it can be easily set up and taken down anywhere and at any time, our staff can use the entire building complex flexibly and do their work where it suits them best. It facilitates informal exchange, strengthens the feeling of togetherness and is simply fun.


INFO: Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH is an Austrian telecommunications company based in Vienna. It is a subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings. According to its own information, the company had 3.8 million customers in 2019.