Interview with Co-Founder and Visionary behind Gustav’s Brand Judit Maireder

Interview with Co-Founder and Visionary behind Gustav’s Brand Judit Maireder

The Story Behind Gustav's Workplace Revolution

Join us in an insightful interview with Judit, the visionary behind the brand Gustav, as she shares her personal and professional insights into creating a brand that’s reshaping the modern workplace.


Interviewer: Thank you for being here, Judit. Let’s dive right in. The name Gustav is quite distinctive. What’s the idea behind it?


Judit: That's an excellent question. We chose the name 'Gustav' because it represents more than just a brand; it symbolizes a friend in the office. To me it was always important to recognize that changing the way we work isn't just an organizational challenge; it's an emotional one, too. People need support, guidance, and friendship during this transition. That's what Gustav is all about – being that friend and ally in the workplace. It is wonderful to see how Gustav users around the world are now taking this idea further and always refer to it as ‘My Gustav’.


Interviewer: It’s fascinating how a name can encapsulate so much. What was the spark that led to the creation of Gustav?


Judit: It started with a desire to bridge the gap between traditional work environments and what they could potentially offer - spaces filled with joy, creativity, and flexibility. I always struggled with working in traditional offices all day long, and to be honest, I think I never had a good idea sitting on my desk. Gustav represents the realization of this vision, transforming workspaces into areas where people genuinely want to be, and helping people to work in a way that truly fits their style, needs and activities on a personal level.


Interviewer: How does Gustav cater to the evolving needs of modern workers?


Judit: Our focus is on user-centric design. Whether for home or office use, our products aim to enhance both the well-being and productivity of users. We do this by thinking through all scenarios of the new ways of working – whether you are working from a kitchen table, a shared office, the garden shed or alternate between them. Whether you need a desk organizer, an office bag, a laptop stand or a hybrid of all - we're not just designing products; we aim to create experiences that make the workday more enjoyable and fulfilling.


Interviewer: How does Gustav assist businesses and individuals who recognize the benefits of new ways of working but struggle with the transition?


Judit: It's a great question and it's at the heart of what we do. One of our early corporate clients faced resistance from their staff when introducing desk sharing. As part of a trial, they provided the most resistant employees with the Gustav Original to use. This small act turned out to be transformative. Those who were initially against the idea experienced first hand the personal benefits of mobile work. They saw how it could enhance their day based on their activities, rather than being confined to one spot. From skeptics, they became advocates, and it was their personal revelations that made all the difference. This is what Gustav aims to achieve: to facilitate personal 'aha' moments that collectively drive a cultural shift towards better ways of working.


Interviewer: Sustainability is a crucial aspect of modern business. How does Gustav reconcile creating new products with being sustainable?


Judit: That’s a question I often ponder. For us, sustainability isn't an afterthought; it's at the core of our design philosophy. Our products are created with recycled materials and sustainably grown wood. But of course, in creating new products, we challenge ourselves to be sustainable. This means focusing on premium quality and durability, creating alternatives to short-lived, plastic products. It’s about crafting items that endure, reducing the need for frequent replacements and creating a timeless design that people want to keep forever - and thereby lessening our environmental impact.


Interviewer: Finally, what future do you envision for Gustav?


Judit: I see Gustav as more than a brand; we are part of a movement toward a better work culture. We aim to make work a desirable and fulfilling part of everyday life. Gustav is changing not just physical spaces but also the mindset around work.


In this conversation, Judit articulates a vision of Gustav that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of a workplace brand. It emerges as a thoughtful, empathetic companion in the journey of work, deeply committed to sustainability and enhancing the quality of work life.