The perfect workplace - does it exist?

The perfect workplace - does it exist?


An optimised workplace design has a positive effect on performance. Therefore, the office environment should not be underestimated; employees who feel comfortable are more creative and more focused on their work.


Factors that ensure well-being at the workplace

A perfect working day depends on various aspects: room height, lighting conditions and even the view through the window contribute to the well-being of employees at work, in addition to appreciation and a good working atmosphere. The furnishing of the office also plays a major role in a feel-good workplace: the right office design increases the productivity of employees and, depending on the design, offers the possibility of catering to certain thought and work processes.


The perfect office

It is known from countless studies that productivity is higher when employees are given license to furnish the office themselves. According to the study results, it is up to 30 percent higher than with colleagues who work in standardised offices. In addition, employees who are allowed to customise their workplace take more responsibility for their activities.


The following elements are important for the perfect office design:


1. Creativity and room height

Room height can influence the approach to problem solving. Employees who work in rooms with higher ceilings tend to be more creative and have bolder as well as more abstract thoughts. This is because high ceilings encourage abstract thinking and creativity, while low ceilings tend to encourage concrete and detail-oriented thinking. For detailed and concrete approaches, flat-roofed offices or standard room heights are therefore preferable.


2. Concentration and view

Employees who have windows with a view of the landscape can concentrate better and think more clearly. The view of green meadows, bushes, flowers and trees inspires deeper thinking and reduces stress. People can work in a more focused way and have more concentration in accomplishing their tasks.


3. Lighting conditions

Studies show that a workplace with poor lighting conditions causes fatigue. As a result, concentration decreases and mistakes happen more often. In the end, work takes longer and is often more tedious. To improve performance, bright light, preferably daylight, is essential.


4. Plants and oxygen

Plants consume the emitted CO2 in the room and produce oxygen. This fresh oxygen noticeably improves the air quality in the office, as the plants filter pollutants out of the air. What’s more, the temperature is kept more constant, which reduces the risk of catching a cold. Studies also show that plants increase mental well-being.


Desk arrangement and communication

One study found that the arrangement of office desks either promotes or hinders communication between employees. Rows of desks in semi-circles not only increase creativity, but also engagement.

With the Gustav office toolbox, employees can turn any room into an office: employees can set up anywhere in the office with the Gustav portable office toolbox. As quickly as the flexible workstation can be set up, it can be put away again.

Gustav is the ideal tool for a perfect office, and not just for team projects: the toolbox is also ideal if employees have to change workplaces several times a day for specific projects. It contains everything needed for working. The laptop as well as pens, charging cables and folders can be quickly stored and tidied away. This means that every employee has his or her office with them at all times.


Modern office furnishings: Individuality boosts performance

Diversity and individuality are essential skills required of today's employees. Different perspectives and experiences can blend together and create a more productive workplace.

The importance of fostering individuality is that employees who feel valued enjoy their work more. In addition, employees with high job satisfaction perform better for the company.

With the Gustav portable office toolbox, every employee can customise his or her mobile workspace. Another advantage is that they have their utensils directly at hand, are thus more productive and can perform better.


Marking territory with office furniture

Individuality at the workplace means being able to set oneself apart from colleagues and superiors. Different objects are used for one's own office furnishings in order to claim the workspace for oneself. According to various studies, there are three ways in which one can set oneself apart by having one's own territory. These include control tokens, identity tokens and defence tokens.

- Control marks

Personal items mark the workplace as occupied. These include coffee mugs with personal slogans, a name tag on the desk, clothes over the back of the chair and more.

- Identity marks

When setting up a workplace, it is important that it is individually designed. To this end, it is decorated with pictures and private family photos on the table.

- Defensive marks

To prevent colleagues from claiming the workplace for themselves, cupboards and drawers are locked. Furthermore, the PC is protected with a password and, if possible, the office door is locked. Some people deliberately leave an extremely messy workspace so that others cannot use it.


Men's and women's office furnishings

When it comes to office furnishing, there are sometimes big differences between the sexes: men, for example, attach great importance to the location of the office, equipment and furnishing. It is important to them to impress; therefore, awards and certificates can often be found in male dominated office furnishings.

For women, it is more important that they have the opportunity to socialise. That is why they prefer to arrange their rooms and work areas in such a way that facilitates small talk. In addition, unlike men, they attach more importance to personal accessories.


Office furnishing with Gustav

With Gustav, a workplace can be set up flexibly. Together with a laptop, it replaces a complete workstation in the office. The portable office toolbox contains enough space to store all the utensils needed for working on the laptop. It can be individually designed and filled with the required utensils. The integrated laptop stand ensures an ergonomic posture.