Efficient Desk Sharing.
Happy Employees.

Gustav Office Tools designed for the new ways of working.

Our products enhance desk-sharing spaces by promoting organization, ergonomics, and personalization, fostering a sense of ownership and comfort.

Do you need help choosing the right product for your office? We're here to help.

Solutions for Hybrid Work

Set up your desk anywhere in the office, turn it into your personalized work area with Gustav toolboxes and bags.

Personalize each space

Our products enable people to use the entire office. They can personalize each space and turn it into their desk for the day.

Perfect ergonomy, anywhere

Improve wellbeing and employee satisfaction with built-in laptop stands, ensuring a good position, in a desk-sharing office or at home.

Trusted by the Best: Our Prestigious Clientele

Case Studies

Gustav impressed us from the start.

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Matthias Krumpel, Business Customer of Gustav Concept
Matthias Krumpel, Hutchison Austria

Gustav supported us enormously with the switch to desk sharing.

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Sabine Pitterle, Business Customer of Gustav Concept
Sabine Pitterle, Orphan Health, Austria

We were particularly impressed by Gustav's quality and sustainable finish.

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Timea Freiwald, ASFINAG Austria

One's personality can be expressed, even if I no longer have my own desk.

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Andreas Gnesda, Team Gnesda

Gustav Product Folders

Including detailed information about products, specifications and dimensions.

Customize for your Business

Our products are offered in various sizes and colours. Let us fully customize Gustav to your business' needs. Read about the process below.

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Planning a new office? Want to support your team with Gustav?

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