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Hybrid working after Corona: the most important success factors

Everyone is looking forward to a time without lockdowns and strict security measures - but what will the working world look like after Corona? Work experts and futurologists agree: hybrid working is the future. With these success factors, you can master the home office and mobile working mix.

"Gustav transports an idea for which the working world is finally ready."
In 2014, the idea for Gustav was born: an office toolbox that facilitates everyday work in the modern office. A design and concept that had not existed before. But how did the idea for Gustav come about, and how can a simple design help Activity Based Working and Hybrid Work get off the ground? Gustav co-founder Christian Pistauer in an interview with New Work expert Barbara Oberraute
Is hot-desking the future of work?
We took a closer look at the concept around desk sharing and flexible working: advantages and disadvantages of hot-desking, practical examples and prerequisites.