Rethinking Home Offices

Gustav Concept Mobile Laptop Table


Working from home sounds nice, but in the long run it can also be quite exhausting if you are not properly prepared. In order to efficiently integrate a home office into your everyday life, you have to organise it efficiently. Several tools are available for this and have proven their worth in recent years. It is clear that ergonomically correct work should be done. However, one trend that is increasingly gaining ground is to remain mobile even in the home office. Hence: a mobile laptop table.

The solution: the mobile laptop table

A mobile laptop table offers the possibility to design the workplace flexibly and to work in different places. Very few people have their own office to use, so they often work at the kitchen table or a table in the bedroom. But why not use all the rooms?


Health Benefits

It has long been known that it is ideal for your health to change your sitting position regularly - and even to stand up sometimes. With a mobile laptop table, the sky's the limit. And, if you set up your workstation in different places around the house, you can prevent back and neck pain. What's more, you can adjust the table to the right height for ergonomically correct work and easy on your eyes.


Improving mental wellbeing with mobility

Ok, that's health. But what about mental well-being in the home office? There's no more daily gossip in the coffee kitchen, and there's no more social interaction at the printer. So you have to rethink things a bit if you want to reap the benefits of a home office. How about fresh air, working on the terrace or in the garden? This not only promotes well-being, but also creativity. After all, who really ever had a good idea on a desk?

So, long story short: the world of work has shifted to the home office. This means we also have to change in order to take full advantage of the benefits and flexibility. The right office furniture is helpful, but tools that are designed precisely to take advantage of this new flexibility are ideal. Gustav Original is designed to help people in the home office organise their lives and increase their well-being. The mobile desk organizer and mobile laptop table is the ideal solution.