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Tension, neck pain, headaches – if you spend many hours at your desk these will be familiar ailments. But does it have to be that way? Well, maybe not. If you learn to implement some ergonomic principles into your workplace, you can seriously reduce, or even eliminate, the pain you experience at your desk. We are sharing best practice and handy tips on how to setup your ergonomic workplace.
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You do most of your work in your home office. When you do enter the company building, awaiting you is a cosy lounge area for informal meetings, individual offices for concentrated work and telephone booths for confidential conversations. You can reserve all areas online in advance.

To ensure that your mobile equipment such as smartphones, notebooks, notepads etc. are at your fingertips, you have an office tool such as the Gustav Lounger or Gustav Original to store your belongings.

This is roughly what working will look like in 2030.

This article provides information on current trends in the world of work, what employees and self-employed people need to prepare for and how to deal with uncertainties.

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A megatrend, known as ‘New Work’ is sweeping the world of work, heralding the dawn of a new age in the workplace. The New Work concept can be implemented in different ways in a company. We are introducing 5 concepts that can bring about the necessary change in the way a company works.
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