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Why Desk Sharing?

Is your business ready to embrace the future of work? Let's explore how desk sharing can revolutionize your workspace!

Consider this: on a typical Tuesday, perhaps only 30% of your employees come into the office, and maybe only 25% on a Friday. In such a scenario, what’s the point of maintaining a pre-pandemic system of designated desks? Most of these desks end up unused, leading to a significant waste of office space and financial resources. If, for instance, 40-60% of your 100 pre-assigned, fixed desks are going unused during the week, that’s a clear indicator of inefficiency and unnecessary expense.

Desk Sharing and Hot desking, therefore, makes eminent sense in this context. It's not just a space-saving tactic; it's a strategic move towards a more dynamic, cost-effective, and employee-friendly workplace. The right implementation of desk sharing can transform the way businesses operate, leading to significant gains in efficiency, innovation, and employee well-being.

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Gustav Organizer Production
As Black Friday and Black Week draw near, it's essential to view these events through a lens of sustainable and thoughtful consumerism. Traditionally seen as a peak time for retail sales, they present an opportunity to make a positive impact beyond just saving money. By focusing on products made in Europe and closer regions, supporting small businesses, choosing sustainable products, and being mindful of our purchases, we can turn these days into a meaningful shopping experienc
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Headache and Tension at Home Office
In the era of remote work, our homes have become our offices. While this newfound flexibility is liberating, it has given rise to a new set of problems, with neck tension and discomfort taking center stage. In this article, we delve into the problem of neck tension and offer ergonomic solutions that can revolutionize your remote work experience.
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Gustav: More Than Just a Laptop Stand
In today's fast-paced world, where the way we work is constantly evolving, our work tools need to keep up. We've moved away from rigid, fixed workspaces with bulky office furniture and are in search of flexibility, efficiency, and style. This is where Gustav comes into play. This laptop stand and desk organizer not only provides a solution to traditional work problems but also offers a fresh perspective on modern work life.
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